Double-Chocolate (Espresso) Layer Cake. I know. What kind of parents would feed this to a roomful of two-three-and-four-year olds at 5:30PM? My parents are democrats – and they’re both artists. They pay attention to detail.

Right before my first birthday in 2007, my dad expressed an interest in making me a cake from scratch. This was when my brother was not even a concept – I asked my mom the other day how we all got here, but that’s another blog entry. My parents had more time then – that’s what they concluded when Jackson came into the world.  My mom wanted to buy one, so they debated this topic for a few minutes. During this time, I toddled over to the magazine rack (I may have crawled because I was just learning how to walk) and tore out a page with a big picture of a cake and recipe on it. I brought it over to my parents – my mom met me halfway, because she was afraid I tore a page out of a book. They were so confused. They stared at the page for a while. They were speechless.

I handed them the recipe; what else were they going to do with it? There’s only so much a parent can give his/her child over the years. Toys break, movies get old, and clothes become too tight to wear. So, I get a moment of time. Six hours to be exact. And it’s in the form of a chocolate espresso cake.

Each year, my dad tries to beat the time. Each year he gets frustrated and says, “Next year, we’re buying a cake!” But, I know that won’t happen. He loves his espresso too much.